Simpatici – Episode 241 – DOUGHNUTS

Kitba ta’ Frida Cauchi
– 12 ta’ Diċembru 2012 fid-20.30. 

Mariah tiġi ferħana mill-iskola b’dixx doughnuts li tkun għamlet hi. Mariah, Dora, Jason u Katrin jistennew lil Joe ħerqanin biex juruhomlu u jiekluhom flimkien. Imma għala meta jiġi Joe, flok jifraħ jitkerrah? U bħas-soltu jaqla’ kelmtejn mingħand Katrin… u anke mingħand Dora. Jekk id-doughnuts ma għoġbux lil Joe, imma lil Lieni, Angelo u Jimmy tant għoġbuhom li jitħajru jsarruhom huma wkoll. Għal Joe din sfida u jipprova jagħmel doughnuts aqwa minn ta’ kulħadd. Jirnexxielu?

SimpaticiEpisodes by Lino Grech, John Suda, Joe Julian Farrugia, Frida Cauchi, Brian Farrugia, Anselm Sciberras, Joe M. Farrugia.

SIMPATICI is a sitcom based on the life of the Cassar family, their neighbours and colleagues at work. The father, Joe, is an accountant with a private Auditors Company. Dora, his wife, is a manageress with an exclusive house of fashion known in Europe and America. Joe and Dora are the parents of Ruth the eldest and Jason, two modern, polite and intelligent teen-agers.

Along with the family lives Dora’s mother, Katrin, a kind-hearted granny. Their close neighbour, Lieni, is a spinster who tries her best to wins the heart of batchelor Salvu, Katrin’s brother who has just returned from migration in the United States.

Joe’s colleagues at work have different characters: Alan is a charming lad, always ready for a good joke, Gwido speaks a little but eats a lot, Petra is the target of most of the office jokes while Mr. Callus, the manager, is a leader at work but a victim with his own wife.

Dora has a personal secretary, Joyce, who is much more a friend than a colleague.

Not only humans are important in this sitcom but also the statue of Saint Anthony, Katrin’s problem solution finder. Buttons, the family pet, also plays an important role and is treated aa a full family member.

The main plots are all based on current issues like relations between the couple, children and other members, love and sexuality, fidelity and responsibility, the importance of the working wife, problems related to teen-age like love, affection, study, exams, adventure and others. Apart from everyday matters, unforgettable hilarious moments make the production more spicy. After all life is full of ups and downs.

SIMPATICI was penned by leading local drama writers such as Lino Grech, John Suda, Joe Julian Farrugia and Frida Cauchi among others. The main actors are Hermann Bonaci, Frida Cauchi, Rachel Micallef, Kurt Castillo, Maryrose Bonello, Lino Grech, John Suda, Kevin Spiteri, Maryrose Mallia, Fabian Scerri de Carlo, Ray Abdilla, Eric Grech, Antonella Caruana, Charmaine Cini, Simon Curmi, Doreen Cini, Patrick Vella, Brain Farrugia, Antoniette Bonaci, Vivienne Caruana, Renato Dimech, Rennie Schembri, and Emy Callus.

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Cast List

  • Joe – Hermann Bonaci
  • Dora – Frida Cauchi
  • Jason – Kurt Castillo
  • Ruth – Micallef Rachel
  • Katrin – Mary Rose Bonello
  • Salvu – John Suda
  • Mr. Callus – Lino Grech
  • Petra – Antonella Caruana
  • Alan – Abdilla Ray
  • Gwido – Eric Grech
  • Leonard – Brian Farrugia
  • Joyce – Cini Doreen
  • Lieni – Mary Rose Mallia
  • Walter – Kevin Spiteri
  • Marija – Antoinette Bonaci
  • Lorrie – Charmaine Cini
  • Liz – Audrey Dingli / Paula Grech
  • Mrs. Axiaq – Amy Callus
  • Parish Priest (1) – Victor Grech
  • Parish Priest (2) – Fabian Scerri de Carlo
  • Angelo – Patrick Vella
  • Leslie – Renato Dimech
  • Massimo – Rennie Schembri
  • Mr. Tonna – Galea Ronnie
  • Mr. Gatt – Mikhail Basmadjan
  • Carmen – Vivienne Caruana
  • Ganni – Simon Curmi
  • Denise – Adreana de Carlo
  • Jake – Jake Darmanin
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