Sal-Quccataby John Suda

Janice Formosa always had only one aim in mind, that of becoming popular. After a series of attempts in which she was used and abused, she decided to take charge of her own destiny. She befriends Mariella, a successful television presenter and partner of Norbert, a television producer and proprietor of APEX Television Station.

Janice wins Mariella’s trust so much that the latter becomes her programme script writer. They become best friends with little Mariella noticing Janice’s real targets.

Janice seduces Norbert into spending a night together in a hotel. They sleep together, but during the night, she murders him. She leaves the hotel in the same way she had entered; with a wig and wearing an identity too close to Mariella’s.

At the television station, seconds away from the start of an episode, the police officers arrive. At the news of her partner’s murder and at the awareness that she is the main suspect, Mariella could not speak and becomes impossible for her to present the programme. Janice has to present herself “to save the situation”. She continues to present for quite a long time and becomes popular.

Her ambition makes her aim even higher, to reach the very top….

The episodes highlight both Janice’s past and the present until Norbert’s murder and whatever happened next…

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Cast List

  • Norbert Grech – Hermann Bonaci
  • Janice Formosa – Romina Darmanin
  • Mariella Bonnici – Frida Cauchi
  • Pawlu Formosa – John Suda
  • Mary Formosa – Lilian Pace
  • Robert Agius – Fabian Scerri de Carlo
  • Frans – Kevin Spiteri
  • Lucija – Vivienne Caruana
  • Sandra – Antonella Caruana
  • Maurice – Pawlu Caruana
  • Howard – Jean Pierre Busuttil
  • Grace – Evelyn Saliba La Rosa
  • Peter – Rennie Schembri
  • Joanne – Dorothy Vassallo
  • Noel – Renald Formosa
  • Joe – Ryan Muscat
  • Gloria – Anna Cachia
  • Olga – Vadinova Kamilla Mysiak
  • Jennifer – Olivia Ann Marmara
  • Receptionist -1 – Etienne St John
  • Receptionist -2 – Alessio Farrugia
  • Studio sound man – Gilbert Buttigieg
  • Studio assistant – Priscilla Bailey
  • Board Secretary  – Joe Julian Farrugia
  • Janice (young) – Marilena Gauci
  • Sandra (young) – Christabelle Borg
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