Saghtejn Flimkien

Sagħtejn Flimkien – afternoon Saturday enteraining/magazine programme for all the family in a relaxing environment. Hosted by Hermann Bonaci & Frida Cauchi, is committed to entertain whilst informing the public with anything our viewer deems important to know about.
During each program the hosts invite different local artist every week while having live music by well known musician and TV personality, Mark Spiteri Lucas.

 Information may vary from health to law, from beauty to holidaying, home improvement, fashion, Kitchen and more and more. Discussion is open for guests in the studio featuring different topics, cultural activities while making it a primary promoter for local talent.

Another favourite spot is the recipe with Local known Chef’s.

Live from HBP’s studios in Handaq, the transmission tackles different topics with studio guests to discuss current issues and other themes to guarantee interesting information and advice… professional but yet easy to follow.

Sagħtejn Flimkien – every Saturday at 14:30 on NET TV.

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