Ronnie Galea

Ronnie GaleaMy strong attraction towards an acting career initiated at a tender age when I used to sneak to a small open-air theatre four doors down in the same street where I was born and grew up in St. Julian’s, to give a helping hand backstage. My career developed further whilst at college where I acted in every school performance and afterwards started theatre acting which brought me in contact with well-known Maltese actors. When the television era expanded through the opening of a number of stations, I shifted my acting talents to this media together with the odd stage play every now and then.

Characters performed with HBP:
Is-Sur Tonna in Simpatici
Mr. Vella in Il-Principal
St. Bartholomew in Cellinu

Experience in other performing arts:
I thank God for giving me a good singing voice which I have used for many years as an active member of the St. Julian’s choir up to the present day. Having acted in quite a number of operettas and musicals did eventually mean quite a lot of singing and also dancing. I did also take part in a couple of opera productions held both at the Manoel Theatre as also at the AuroraTheatre in Gozo.

The moment on stage or television you treasure most:
The most entertaining character I remember interpreting in a particular television production many years back, was the part of a street tramp, which I also interpreted with Hermann Bonaci. These were very short comical sketches which used to be aired in a quiz show.  

The moment on stage or television you wish it never happened:
I do remember that whilst I was interpreting a particular character in an English stage play I had to actually eat sandwiches on stage and my colleagues placed some raw snails in the sandwich which they collected from a nearby garden. The other embarrassing incident was when I terrified Debbie Scerri in a television programme where I interpreted the part of a porcelain expert and the priceless vase was knocked down and broke to pieces on the floor, placing the blame for the loss of this priceless object on Debbie.

If you weren’t an actor/actress, what would you like to be… and why:
If I weren’t an actor I may have been in a position to dedicate my efforts to model aircraft flying, which I only did for a short period in my life and maybe more time to marine activities, mostly fishing and boating, but last and not least maybe more time to my dear family.  

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