Patrick Vella

Patrick VellaStarted with bands at the age of 15, Patrick then moved on to Musical Theatre where he studied at the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts in Liverpool, and later continued his studies up to Master Degrees in Theatre Education and Directing, 2002 opened Curtain Raiser Entertainment which to date is his full time job/career. Patrick first Tv appearance was in a TV project on TVM directed by Josette Ciappara, written by Tony Cassar Darien, later he moved to Simpatici for 3 consecutive seasons. Due to studies and work commitments Patrick had to leave the series. Later he joined other tv drama has now signed in again for Simpatici! However Patrick is very active in Musical Theatre, Shows for Children as an audience, creative projects and has his own TV SHOW for Children, L- Imqarqcin. 

Characters performed with HBP:
Angelo in Simpatici

Experience in other performing arts:
Patrick was very active in Musical Theatre, were he has performed in many shows such as Jesus Christ Superstar, Annie, The King and I, Jeckyl and Hyde, Jesus of Nazareth the musical, Pantos, and many other shows where he could use his main forte Musical Theatre (Singing, acting and movement) Patrick directed also many plays and shows. He also trains actors, performers and often travels to workshop also international performers. He is member of various Acting Boards in Europe. He can also juggles, clowning, stilt walking, stage fighting and write production shows.

The moment on stage or television you treasure most:
The best moment on stage – we were performing in Disney Retunes in 2006 at the Saint James Cavalier when a little kid who had some physical difficulties made all the efforts to come next to me and hug me! It was overwhelming! On TV, I still laugh when I remember the famous BIG BILLY scene in Simpatici! 

The moment on stage or television you wish it never happened:
On stage I do remember a very big accident happening in a production in a particular theatre where some of us including myself, could really get hurt badly. The elevated stage collapsed. I was only 1 metre away from that revolving elevated stage. The show had to be postponed!  On TV? Guess not! Don’t remember dull moments 🙂 

If you weren’t an actor/actress, what would you like to be… and why:
I would have loved to be a pilot. I love travelling, be it for work or pleasure. I love to see other countries as I love to absorb different cultural energies! 

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