Mhabba mill-Gdid

Imhabba mill-gdidBy Jesmond Grech

Suzanne comes to know that a third person has intruded the relationship with her husband Ronald, a situation which disturbs her family’s past harmony. Ronald is mesmerized by Audrey’s beauty and the “different” life she is able to give him. But Suzanne never gives up and she firmly believes that as every cloud has a silver lining, Ronald would once again return to her and their children. 

Would Ronald become aware that his new relationship is only based on infatuation? Would Audrey’s hopes come true in obtaining love again? What would the price be if her dreams materialize? 

Mhabba mill-Gdid was published in book form and its television version would leave the viewers eager till the end as the novel did.

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Cast List

  • Ronald – Hermann Bonaci
  • Audrey – JC Scicluna
  • Guzi – Peter Borg
  • Suzanne – Frida Cauchi
  • Stephen – Matthew Carbonaro
  • Stephen (older) – Robert carbonaro
  • Francine – Stephanie Bonaci
  • Guza – Mary Rose Bonello
  • Tania – Micallef Rachel
  • Lilian – Christabelle Curmi
  • Laurence – Simon Curmi
  • Janet – Stephanie Sammut
  • Marion – Yvonne Pace
  • Arnold – Victor Grech
  • Maria – Rina Camilleri
  • youngster – Allesio Farrugia
  • Mary Grace – Antoinette Bonaci
  • MIKE – Carlos Cachia
  • MISS DEMARCO  – Cini Doreen
  • Tony – Rennie Schembri
  • Dun Frans – Paul De Bono
  • AGNES – Nadette de Carlo
  • MICHELLE – Corazon Mizzi
  • DIRECTOR – Micheal Mifsud
  • CLIVE – Marco Grech
  • GINO – Franfie Darmanin
  • Francesca – Carly Zarb
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