Mary Rose Bonello

Mary Rose BonelloI started acting in 1952 in a play with Guzeppina Attard Montalto at the Empire Stadium in Gzira. Then came a string of stage and radio productions in both Maltese and English. In 1960 I had to stop for 15 years to care for my family and returned with the Maltese classic Wenzu u Rozi on national television playing the part of Rozi. Other productions followed and the character I performed most is Nanna Katrin in Simpatici. I also took part in international films, namely Clash of the Titans and speaking parts in Agora and Sinbad.

Characters performed with HBP:
Nanna Katrin in Simpatici

Experience in other performing arts:
I used to sing in choirs such as MCI. Once I remember I sang with a quartet made up of Antoinette Miggiani, Turu Galea, Jack Aloisio and myself. We took part in a television contest and won with The Hunting Song.

The moment on stage or television you treasure most:
I won’t ever forget the part of Rozi in popular television series Wenzu u Rozi. It was my first leading part on the television medium.

The moment on stage or television you wish it never happened:
I do not remember such moments.

If you weren’t an actor/actress, what would you like to be… and why:
Acting is only my hobby. I am a very domesticated person. I consider myself first and foremost a widow housewife, mother of three and grandmother of four.

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