Herman Bonaci Productions boasts of its own dynamic production team ranging from script writing, wardrobe, hairstyle and make-up expertise, continuity and logging, camera, light and audio manning right up to the editing process in its own studio facilities equipped with the latest television technology, thus producing a whole package for television station broadcast

An intensive Course is being prepared for Beginners & advanced actors during February March April .

Age from 16 +

Sessions covering subjects :

• Producer / Production Manager.
• Acting / artistic direction / interpretation.
• Camera / Audio
• Editing / Camera Director.
• Make up / Continuity / Auditions.
• Script supervisor / TV script writing.
• Improvisation / Acting.
• Camera logging / Props / CV presentation.
• Video production of a 15 minute film on location.
• Editing the Video production

Classes will be held Saturday from 2pm-5pm for 10 consecutive weeks at HBP studios Tal-Handaq Qormi

End of course Certificates will be given to each student.

20 students in each class

Course to be concluded by mid April
Price €150

Main tutor Mr Simon Curmi.

Coordinator Frida Cauchi

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