In-Neputija tal-KappillanDun Benit and Pippo Burrone are friends, but eternal enemies at the same time. Dun Benit is the parish priest while Pippo is President of the Communist club and village mayor. To make things worse, Benit’s sister Gizella and Pippo are in love. Benit knows about it all but how can he tolerate his sister to wed a communist? With the hope of forgetting Pippo, Benit sends his sister on a vacation to Rome even visiting the Pope. At the end of the holiday, Johnnie Bumble comes searching for Gizelle.

Johnnie meets Dun Benit and informs him how he met her topless at the pool. Benit is shocked! On the other hand Pippo is angered at Benit while Giovann tries to get Pippo out of the way with the hope of marrying Gizella himself. Poor man!

In the midst of all this never-ending trouble for the parish priest, his niece Gizi suddenly comes to the village.

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