Il-Misteru tan-Nannu Ton

Il-Misteru tan-Nannu TonDuring one of their visits to Nanna Nina, Mark and Sharon aged eleven and twelve, discover that there is much more to be revealed in grandma’s house. Nannu’s room seems mysterious; a locked room where strange sounds can be heard and shadows move under the door. But they are aware that Nanna Nina will never allow them to enter this part of her house. However Mark and Sharon enter this forbidden room while Nanna Nina is at church, and what do they find? Scattered around are unwanted objects, and a box full of Egyptian candles amongst other things. What happens when for curiosity’s sake Mark lights up one of the candles and magically they find themselves in another world? A world full of fantasy, magic and mystery led by a tribe of children calling themselves the worshippers of Agii!!!

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