Hermann Bonaci

Hermann BonaciI started off on stage with Zghazagh Antonjani in Valletta, in a passion week pageant in 1979 and performed several times at their theatre. Then in 1987 I formed my first production company DH Productions with Daniel Borg Carbott, with performances at the Catholic Institute Auditorium. Then I formed my own company by the name of Kwinti with performances at the Catholic Institute and Manoel Theatre. In 1990 I joined my brother Karl and formed Bonaci Brothers with numerous stage performances. Then in 1997, Bonaci Brothers switched to television with local first soap Ipokriti. In 1999, then, I formed Hermann Bonaci Productions.

Characters performed with HBP:
Joe in Simpatici
Dun Benit in Dun Benit
Claudio in Gideb u Mhabba
Philip in Ghall-Paci u ghall-Mistrieh
Norbert in Sal-Quccata
Ronald in Mhabba mill-Gdid
Frank in Cellinu
Rodney in Missjoni

Experience in other performing arts:
In the past I used to be the singer / drummer of band The Pals.

The moment on stage or television you treasure most:
Undoubtedly I treasure the period 1987/1989 when I started to perform with theatre stalwarts such as Vitorin Galea, Charles Thake, Josie Coppini and Gemma Portelli… Those were the days!

The moment on stage or television you wish it never happened:
Once I had a monologue in a play and I forgot the lines. Fellow actress Marika Mizzi came to my rescue

If you weren’t an actor/actress, what would you like to be… and why:
If I wasn’t an actor… I still would like to be an actor…

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