Gideb u Mhabba

Gideb U Mhabbaby Jesmond Grech

Grace is having an affair with Claudio, a married man, and finds out that she is pregnant. Although she tries to keep it a secret from her mother, she does, however, confide in her best friend Marvic, who does all that is possible to help her. When Grace breaks the news to Claudio, he maintains that he is not going to leave his wife Nadia and their children for her sake, and tries to find a solution to the dilemma : he convinces Grace to have an abortion, to which Grace agrees.

Nadia’s parents become suspicious that something is wrong, and persuade her to hire a detective to follow Claudio’s footsteps. Detective Mark Buttigieg does a good job, and Claudio’s secret meeting place is discovered. The detective agency succeeds in taking intimate photos and videos of the couple and some of them are shown to Nadia, at which Claudio gets extremely troubled.

Despite his persuasive power over Grace, she changes her mind and decides to keep the baby. She meets Paul, Marvic’s friend, who is instantly attracted to her. She tells him her problem and he decides to help her in all possible ways.

In the meantime, Claudio manages to persuade his wife that Grace was trying to seduce him against his wishes. On the other hand, he is still worried that since Grace will be keeping the baby, his reputation would be at stake. Grace seeks Claudio at his place of work and after an intense argument, she leaves in haste to Marvic’s home. On the way, she has a traffic accident which could have been fatal. After a couple of days in a coma, she recovers and is thankful that she didn’t lose her baby. She decides to turn her back on her traumatic past, because she realizes that their future lies with Paul.

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Cast List

  • Grace – Antonella Caruana
  • Marvic – Estelle Gatt
  • Nadia – Frida Cauchi
  • Claudio – Hermann Bonaci
  • Peter (young) – Gabriele Micallef
  • Nellie (young) – Christine Bonaci
  • Mrs. Cassar – Ninette Micallef
  • Mr. Cassar – Paul Debono
  • maid – Nadette De Carlo
  • Mark Buttigieg – John Suda
  • Sandra – Christabelle Curmi
  • Steve – Etienne St. John
  • Frank – Fabian Scerri de Carlo
  • Paul – Jeffrey Scicluna
  • Dolor – Josephine Mahoney
  • Gary – Abdilla Ray
  • Ruth – Romina Darmanin
  • Mr Vella – Renald Formosa
  • Miriam – Veronica Farrugia
  • Receptionist – Joe Quattromani
  • Professor – Pawlu Caruana
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