Gheruq 1by Joe Gatt

In 1997, Hermann Bonaci co-produced Malta’s first soap opera Ipokriti. Nowadays, with his own production house, he is once again behind Malta’s with his second soap bearing the name of Għeruq.

Joe Gatt, the production’s creator and scriptwriter, has been penning for both  theatre and television for decades. His works include the sitcom Dun Benit, thriller Min Hu Bla Ħtija? and some Simpatiċi episodes in recent years.

Malta’s television audience loves local drama, especially when the production is not only in our native language, but is also set in our country with its colourful history.

Għeruq is about a Maltese family in a rural part of a local village. Bennard is a farmer who has tilled the land for many years hoping that his land would one day be inherited by future generations. Many rural areas were dropped down and built up in the name of progress along the years. Sadly this has changed the once familiar Mediterranean landscape into bland blocks of residential zones all over our country. But Bennard hoped his land would be spared and be kept intact. He and his sister Salvina keep a deep family secret. Was Bennard a simple farmer or was there more than meets the eye ?

Gheruq 2The story is set before the Second World War at a high society residence. Baron Anton De Giovanni was a very disciplined father and his family’s honour was always a priority over everything else. One of the servants in the house, Marjanna, falls in love with the Baron’s son Enrico. Marjanna’s pregnancy changes the young couple’s passionate affair. The Baron forsees the mishaps about to befall the family and its ties with other nobility, and orders his wife to fire Marjanna. But Enrico will not abandon his first love. He is faced with choosing between love and noble inheritance. After walking out of his father’s household the couple move into a farmhouse. In the midst of the war, in a common shelter, Bennard is born.

Enrico dies during the war and his father regrets his previous decision. He wanted to make amends by giving his grandson the land his own son was to inherit. When Bennard grows up and learns of his past, his adamant to keep the land in its natural state. But ‘progress’ triumphs over traditional values, friends become foes and life changes overnight.

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