Ghall-Paci u Ghall-Mistrieh

Ghall-Paci u Ghall-MistriehScript by John Suda, storyline by Ronald Saliba

Philip’s mother passes away. Yvonne, his wife, gets heavily depressed after she has been through a breakdown which resulted after a miscarriage. During the funeral, Carol, Philip’s sister turns up after she had eloped with an Austrian. Carol and Yvonne had never seen eye to eye and the former tries to make Yvonne jealous. She is attractive and though Philip is her brother, she tries to seduce him in spite of his wife.

Philip decides to change residence to help Yvonne’s situation in a countryside house. This is done through the advise of his wife’s psychiatrist.

The couple try to start their life anew, since Yvonne’s condition seems better. But, in real truth, did the situatuion change? Has she really recovered?

In the farmhouse neighbourhood, the only resident is a Consul, who becomes the couple’s friend, especially Yvonne’s. What are his real intentions? Why did the couple interest him so much? Is he truly the sincere person he seems to be? And are the psychiatrist’s intentions only to make Yvonne improve her medical and mental state?

Yvonne is caught in the middle of this situation when she is convinced that she has recovered. But was it only imagination or only wishful thinking? #

She sees something that others believe it was only an unreal vision through her unstable state of mind. A murder occurs in the couple’s residence. Who is the murderer and what are the intentions?

Who was supposed to have been killed? Was it a mistake or was it done on purpose?

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Cast List

  • Yvonne – Frida Cauchi
  • Philip – Hermann Bonaci
  • Carol – Vanessa Cassar
  • Consul – John Suda
  • Dr. Zimmermann – Saliba Ronald
  • Nurse – Stefania Vella
  • Patient – Simone Zammit
  • Patricia – Ruth Mifsud
  • bicycle man – Galea Ronnie
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