Frida Cauchi

Frida CauchiI attended MTADA in 1977. Ten years later I joined MASK and made my comeback in Carlo Goldoni’s , Il Ventaglio as Giannina. Then I joined other drama groups and played several leading parts. Considering drama as my love, my style and my life, I moved into television playing Hilda in Ipokriti and then many parts with Hermann Bonaci Productions. With this same production house, I have also been a producer and presenter.

In 2007 & 2009 I played Zeza in the musical comedy Zeza tal-Flagship, performing as a singer, actress and dancer. I also played the leading role, Grace, in local film “Qerq”. In 2012 I had a cameo part in international film “The Devil’s Double” as Sadaam’s Hussien wife Sajida with actor Dominic Cooper and Director Lee Tamahori.

Characters performed with HBP:
Dora in Simpatici
Gizella in  Dun Benit
Mother in Il-Madonna tac-Coqqa
Nadia in Gideb u Mhabba 
Yvonne in Ghall-Paci u ghall-Mistrieh
Mariella in Sal-Quccata-
Suzanne in Mhabba mill-Gdid
Tania in Cellinu
Ines in Gheruq  
Sylvana in Missjoni

Experience in other performing arts:
At the age of six I started a ten year span taking part in different local singers festivals. Then in 1985 I joined Maltese folk group “Paul Curmi Folk Dancers” and visited four continents participating in various folk festivals… an unforgettable experience!

The moment on stage or television you treasure most:
Everything….since I was young I always hoped and dreamed that this should be my career. And now that I’m living my dream, I treasure every moment of it.

The moment on stage or television you wish it never happened:
Thank God no such experience.

If you weren’t an actor/actress, what would you like to be… and why:
This is very hard to answer as being Frida has always been my dream. If I wasn’t, maybe who knows? A film star!  

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