A daily magazine programme aimed at people who are at home during the morning and afternoon hours. Though mainly the television audience at that time of the day is made up of housewives, the contents includes also information targeted at men and children who happen to be in front of the television sets.

The contents of the programme have three objectives: education, information and entertainment. It deals with interesting topics for the widest audience possible which may vary depending on the time of the year. Guests are invited to advise televiewers about health, cookery, home designing, hair styles and its care, hobbies, craft, computer knowledge, photography, dream interpretation, travelling, fashion, law, needlework, general maintenance and many other significant subjects of interest.

Flimkien is also a cultural calendar in a televised version. It informs televiewers about cultural activities going on in our country. If our own talent is not appreciated by ourselves, who else may esteem it? Therefore, the programme supports all local performances to help local talent and inform the genral public. Moreover, Telebejgh, the commercial spot, notifies the community of new products on the local market and their advantages.

The programme is presented in a relaxing environment, with current issues discussed proactively with the audience at home tackling non-political current issues all the way between one spot and another.

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