Flimkien ma’ Hermann u Frida

A morning magazine programme, and informative breakfast show for all the family in a relaxing environment.

Information may vary from health to law, from beauty to handcrafts, from driving to music, publications, holidaying, photography, fashion, hair styling and more and more. Discussion is open for guests in the studio and to televiewers on the phone, featuring education, children’s health and well being, volontariat, consumers and related topics.

And whoever is launching a cultural activity, may promote his performance during the programme, making it a primary promoter for local talent.

The Ideal Woman Competition is a contest featuring female talent and skills. All this content is enriched by the melodious notes on Joe Brown’s piano, interactivity with the audience at home and lots of gifts.

Flimkien – ma’ Hermann u Frida is a programme full of information, education and entertainment.

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