The Studios

Hermann Bonaci Productions Studio consists of one studio for short and long-term rent. The studio is the ideal space for game shows, lifestyle programmes, panel discussions or talk shows. With an outstanding reputation studio broadcast facilities, Hermann Bonaci Productions Studio also offers comprehensive pre- and post-production capabilities. Our creative team and builders are there in creating your productions brand identity, intro and set. Our lighting, audio and camera crew technicians will capture it, while our directors and editors, will seamlessly bring it all together, time and time again. 
At Hermann Bonaci Productions Studio, we really know how to put you on air.

Main studio components

  • Fully equipped broadcast studio, air-conditioned (30 x 20 x 15 feet)
  • Control room, lighting, cyclorama
  • 4 camera set-up (or more if requested)
  • Character generator, 18 audio channel desk
  • 2 Avid Editing Suites

Productions such as sit-com Simpatici, classic Il-Madonna tac-Coqqa, comic Dun Benit, children’s Cellinu and hilarious Il-Principal were all filmed in the studios.

HBP services are available also for outside location filming, equipped with:

  • Digital Cameras Sony Dvcam 300/390
  • 10 feet Cameracrane for mini dv cameras with remote head
  • 30 feet Cameracrane for Large cameras with remote head
  • and also a Steadicam
  • Audio mixer & Boom

Also Beta SP, Digi Beta ( Pal or NTSC ) etc…


Any equipment you need, we can supply. Just tell us what you need.

The studios may be viewed by appointment

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