Fabian Scerri de Carlo

Fabian Scerri de CarloInvolved in theater and television for the past twenty six years.

First main role in Oreste Calleja’s “L-Ghasfur Tac-Comb” which opened lots of opportunities with various theatrical companies.

Important roles in television include: “il-Madonna tac-Coqqa”, “F’Bahar Wiehed”, Simpatici”, “Shelly Rayner”, “Ipokriti”, Enigma”, “Is-Seher ta’ Veronique” “Qalb in-nies” Dun Benit, Salvu Maxtar in Kalamita as well as “Tghanniqa”, “Kristu tal-Kerrejja”, “Is-sigill tal-Qrar”, and  “Salib it-toroq”. Also very well known as “Is-Sur Gawdenz” he has produced a number of musical comedies around this well loved and popular character.

Roles in local film productions “Mera Tal-Passat“, and “Qerq”.

Characters performed with HBP:
The local Chaplain in Simpatici

Experience in other performing arts:
Some modest dancing and singing.

The moment on stage or television you treasure most:
I treasure many moments on stage because the impact on the audience and their feedback are immediate. It is also very satisfying when you meet people who take the time to come to meet you back stage to show their appreciation and /or share emotions with you. I also treasure the performances I had with the late Gemma

Portelli particularly in “F’Bahar Wiehed” and various theatrical productions.

The moment on stage or television you wish it never happened:
There were moments when something happens out of the blue and I couldn’t help laughing during some emotional part.

If you weren’t an actor/actress, what would you like to be… and why:
Probably a musician and forming part of the national philharmonic orchestra. My favourite musical instrument would be the drums.

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