Emy Callus

Emy CallusI started my career at the Overseas Club in Valletta. We were a group of teenagers who were really interested in acting, and I used to love to play parts that were totally opposite my real self (like playing an 80 year old women at 18). I later took a course with the then popular Drama School, and later joined MADC. Unfortunately I stopped acting then because of a jealous boyfriend who did not appreciate my staying at rehearsals late at night. Funnily enough some 30 odd years later, I was again given an opportunity to play a small part in a very popular TV series called Ipokriti, and 15 years later, I still form part of the team of the ever popular SIMPATICI.

Characters performed with HBP:
Mrs Axiaq in Simpatici 

Experience in other performing arts:
I have performed keep-fit displays on stage a number of times, as I have been a keep-fit instructress for almost 20 years.

The moment on stage or television you treasure most:
I treasure every time on stage and Tv that split second that the director shouts “Action”.

The moment on stage or television you wish it never happened:
On stage, during my first performance after almost 40 years, the actor skipped a sentence which was supposed to be my cue, and for a split second I froze and blanked, but thankfully I managed to sort it out. Phew!!!

If you weren’t an actor/actress, what would you like to be… and why:
I would really like to have become a Vet, as I really love animals, but I suppose that had I become a vet, I would still have found the time to act as well, as most actors work full time and still turn up at the studio.     

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