Dun Benit

 Dun benitby Joe Gatt

Dun Benit is all about a parish priest whose life is always full of trouble. His sister Gizella is highly interested in Pippo, the Red Club President. Pippo is the village mayor, and his descendants in Sicily are very well known to be hard line Communists.

The worries about Pippo are not enough. Dun Benit has been waiting for his neice Gizi arriving from abroad. But little did he know that Gizi has already been in his village for a week entertaining a lot of males! Dun Benit’s opponents, Pippo’s followers, were always on the alert to report any slip or gossip about their parish priest to the Church authorities, with the hope of having him transferred from their village. And Gizi’s actions were right on target.

On stage, in the past, Dun Benit’s part was impeccably performed by the late Josie Coppini. Hermann Bonaci Productions are dedicating this new production to Josie’s memory.

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Cast List

  • Pippo – Abdilla Ray
  • Dun Benit – Hermann Bonaci
  • Wenzu – Bone Raymond
  • Serafina – Cachia Anna
  • Mikiel – Camilleri Marvic
  • Gizi / Rachel – Custo Marilyn
  • Gizella – Frida Cauchi
  • Gina – Cini Doreen
  • Sandro – Cini David
  • Anglu – Curmi Simon
  • Gorg – Farrugia Brian
  • Dwardu – Formosa Renald
  • Monsignor – Galea Ronnie
  • Govann – Gatt Joe
  • Johnny – Ginger
  • Salvu – Grech Manwel
  • Sour Roberta – Mary Rose Mallia
  • Lena – Micallef Rachel
  • Dun Salv – Scerri DeCarlo Fabian
  • Guzeppi – Suda John
  • Netta – Zammit Simone
  • Bettina – Caruana Vivienne
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