Stage Productions

  • SIMPATICI… camping

    Jason comes up with an idea of organising a camping adventure and everyone agrees to take part, some willingly and some not. And these couple of days in camps turn out to be a true adventure. Salvu says he spotted … read more


    Dun Benit and Pippo Burrone are friends, but eternal enemies at the same time. Dun Benit is the parish priest while Pippo is President of the Communist club and village mayor. To make things worse, Benit’s sister Gizella and Pippo … read more

  • SIMPATICI… weekend break

    Joe and Dora decide to go for a weekend break in idyllic Gozo. They book a hotel and decide to take a rest during their planned weekend. But they find the hotel is not restful at all! Moreover they find … read more

  • SIMPATICI… l-aqwa familja

    At the Cassars, Joe is feeling miserable. He believes that his life was a complete failure and that he never succeeded in doing anything useful. Ganni takes on a new hobby; art while Charlie starts poetry writing. But misunderstandings are … read more

  • SIMPATICI… l-istorja tkompli

    Everyone is sad for a loss in the family. Katrin is angry at Joe because he did not let Eugenio attend the funeral. She hopes he would call her but after waiting in vain, she phones herself. But who answers … read more

  • Zeza tal-Flagship

    Hermann Bonaci Productions, proudly announce one of their theatrical productions; Zeza tal-Flagship. This local classic comedy, written by Mikielang Borg early in the last century, is based in a Strait Street bar after the First World War where the famous … read more

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