Other Productions

Hermann Bonaci’s other type of productions include a wide range of television productions other than drama. Though Hermann started off as an actor and eventually began on television with drama series, his production house was always active in other television genres.

Magazine programmes were transmitted regularly under different names, apart from the ones for children, specialised productions for selective audiences such as the one about gardening and quiz shows.

Such presentations need a lot of production work which includes research, short listing of guests, outside location feature filming and expertise in all the relative fields.

Hermann Bonaci Productions is full of personnel capable of creating high level television programmes and the presenters are all popular personalities, very well known with the local audience.

  • Flimkien ma’ Hermann u Frida

    A morning magazine programme, and informative breakfast show for all the family in a relaxing environment. Information may vary from health to law, from beauty to handcrafts, from driving to music, publications, holidaying, photography, fashion, hair styling and more and … read more

  • Flimkien

    A daily magazine programme aimed at people who are at home during the morning and afternoon hours. Though mainly the television audience at that time of the day is made up of housewives, the contents includes also information targeted at … read more

  • Sajf Flimkien

    This is the summer edition of the popular It-2 Flimkien magazine programme every day from Monday to Friday from 13.30 to 16.30. On Monday, actress Frida Cauchi hosts the programme with information about weddings, cuisine, hairstyles and beauty. Tuesday is … read more

  • It-2 Flimkien

    Flimkien ma’ Hermann u Frida, Flimkien and Sajf Flimkien have been the predecessors of this season’s It-2 Flimkien presented by Frida Cauchi and Rennie Vella; Hermann Bonaci Productions’ tea time magazine every Monday at 16.30 for the 5th consecutive year … read more

  • Baz..Art

    Children love crafts. Their knowledge how to manufacture by them,selves makes them aware of their abilities and enhance their creativity. Hermann Bonaci Productions are introducing a new children’s programme by the name of Baz… art. Tony Busuttil will be teaching … read more

  • Tommy Toes

    Children have their fair share of time on television. Late after the news bulletin, many little ones are sent to bed to rest for another’s day work at school. But the afternoon airtime is their own.Tommy Toes, every Tuesday and … read more

  • Ward u Zahar

    Marthese Tanti’s greenfinger programme Ward u Zahar is this season being broadcast by Hermann Bonaci’s production house. Information about landscaping, plants, the agriculture industry and relative expertise will be on air every Sunday at 12.30, filmed on location at the islands’ most … read more

  • Hola

    Every Saturday morning with Toni and Rachel hosting a transmission appropriate for the weekend. Discussions about different interesting topics, cultural interviews, Weekend Mania, Teleshopping and spur-of-the-moment humour by Toni and Rachel. What do they have in common? Almost nothing. !Hola! … read more

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