Drama Productions

Drama has always been Hermann Bonaci Productions’ domain. Founded by a popular actor, the company started off in 1999 with sitcom Simpatici and maintained its regular drama episode every week throughout the years.

With a repertoire that extends from comedy to romance, from social to thriller, the production house has made use of the best actors and actresses on the islands and remarkable scriptwriters gaining popularity with the local television audience.

Nowadays, Hermann Bonaci Productions boasts of its own dynamic production team ranging from scriptwriting, wardrobe, hairstyle and make-up expertise, continuity and logging, camera, light and audio manning right up to the editing process in its own studio facilities in Tal-Handaq, Qormi equipped with the latest television technology, thus producing a whole package for a television station to broadcast.

  • Il-Misteru tan-Nannu Ton

    During one of their visits to Nanna Nina, Mark and Sharon aged eleven and twelve, discover that there is much more to be revealed in grandma’s house. Nannu’s room seems mysterious; a locked room where strange sounds can be heard and shadows move … read more

  • Simpatici

    Episodes by Lino Grech, John Suda, Joe Julian Farrugia, Frida Cauchi, Brian Farrugia, Anselm Sciberras, Joe M. Farrugia. SIMPATICI is a sitcom based on the life of the Cassar family, their neighbours and colleagues at work. The father, Joe, is an … read more

  • Il-Madonna tac-Coqqa

    Il-Madonna tac-Coqqa was televised every Thursday from January to June 2002. The official Malta Broadcast Authority Audience Survey shows that the audience reached a level of 82,000. (see www.ba-malta.org, audience survey, 2nd quarter 2002). Script by John Suda based on Guze’ Diacono’s … read more

  • Gideb u Mhabba

    by Jesmond Grech Grace is having an affair with Claudio, a married man, and finds out that she is pregnant. Although she tries to keep it a secret from her mother, she does, however, confide in her best friend Marvic, … read more

  • Dun Benit

     by Joe Gatt Dun Benit is all about a parish priest whose life is always full of trouble. His sister Gizella is highly interested in Pippo, the Red Club President. Pippo is the village mayor, and his descendants in Sicily … read more

  • Min Hu Bla Htija

    By Joe Gatt Lawyer Victor Borg has been contesting election after another despite the fact that his chances were always minimal. He lived in a small village and notwithstanding the fact that the majority voted for him, he never reached … read more

  • Ghall-Paci u Ghall-Mistrieh

    Script by John Suda, storyline by Ronald Saliba Philip’s mother passes away. Yvonne, his wife, gets heavily depressed after she has been through a breakdown which resulted after a miscarriage. During the funeral, Carol, Philip’s sister turns up after she … read more

  • Sal-Quccata

    by John Suda Janice Formosa always had only one aim in mind, that of becoming popular. After a series of attempts in which she was used and abused, she decided to take charge of her own destiny. She befriends Mariella, … read more

  • Mhabba mill-Gdid

    By Jesmond Grech Suzanne comes to know that a third person has intruded the relationship with her husband Ronald, a situation which disturbs her family’s past harmony. Ronald is mesmerized by Audrey’s beauty and the “different” life she is able … read more

  • Cellinu

    By Joe Gatt Cellinu is a little angel in paradise. He is very naughty and though he likes to play jokes on all saints especially Peter, everyone loves him especially Peter himself. In Christmas time, Peter had the task to send … read more

  • Il-Principal

    By Joe Julian Farrugia Il-Principal, the hilarious 12 episode comedy penned by Joe Julian Farrugia, will be the next hit in Hermann Bonaci Productions’ series of popular drama. Based on the colourful events of a newly appointed Civil Service Principal … read more

  • Missjoni

    by John Suda The main characters in MISSJONI discover that after our earthly life, there’s another intermediate life which may be not measured by time or space. In this type of life, they turn into agents to help those still … read more

  • Gheruq

    by Joe Gatt In 1997, Hermann Bonaci co-produced Malta’s first soap opera Ipokriti. Nowadays, with his own production house, he is once again behind Malta’s with his second soap bearing the name of Għeruq. Joe Gatt, the production’s creator and … read more

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