premier logo 2on NET TV from WEDNESDAY 24 th April 2013

To many, the word Premier means a place for entertainment… a place where friends meet, have a drink, listen to the music and have a relaxing chat. 

Television programme Premier has the same concept. It’s a variety studio programme with a live band and a number of distinguished guests. These will include current personalities and others who were popular in the past but have now been away from the limelight. Premier will also have its audience in the studio… and the audience is a very important element in Premier.

IMG_8468The Premier in Valletta had been managed for years by the Bonaci family. The television version of Premier will be anchored by Hermann Bonaci, an offspring of the same family. Presented by Hermann Bonaci and Frida Cauchi, Premier! will be aired on NET TV every Wednesday at 20:30.

PREMIER! … see you there!



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